Find Hardwood Floor Refinishing Services in Missoula, MT

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When you need to bring new life to your existing hardwood flooring, consider refinishing. Winnwood Flooring offers hardwood floor refinishing services in the Missoula, Montana area.

We'll return your floors to their former state of beauty. Sanding and finishing takes two-to-four days to complete. Our process is dustless and water-based to promote healthier indoor air.

Wood floor refinishing is a great way to improve any damage or discoloration. If you want to refresh your floors, call 406-207-5331 today to schedule hardwood floor refinishing in Missoula, MT.


Process: Completely renovate your floors.

Process: Floor is sanded down to the bare wood. A sealer or stain is applied, as well as a new finish.

Benefits: Fixes major damage like deep scratches/ gouges, discoloration and fading. A great opportunity to update the look of your floor.

Time: Floors will be ready in 2-4 days.

We'll sand, stain and finish your flooring in no time

We'll sand, stain and finish your flooring in no time

Refinishing your floors can lessen the appearance of gouges and fading. The process involves:

  • Sanding the floors down to bare wood
  • Applying sealer or stain
  • Applying the finish

You can choose from a variety of stains and color variations. Contact Winnwood Flooring today for floor sanding and refinishing services in Missoula, MT.