Weather Your Wood

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If you'd like your hardwood floors to have a weathered appearance, consider getting them distressed. Winnwood Flooring offers a variety of textured floor services in the Missoula, Montana area.

these techniques will wear off the lighter colored portions of wood while leaving denser wood behind. The end result gives your hardwood flooring the appearance of outdoor weathering.

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Give your flooring a new look

Give your flooring a new look

Custom floor texturizing provides character to your hardwood flooring. It's a popular way to add more style to your home.We offer the following techniques:

  • Hand scraped 
  • Wire Brushing
  • Circular Sawn 
  • Band Sawn
  • Distressed

We can brush your base color and go over it with a second tone to add depth to your flooring. Call 406-207-5331 today to schedule wire brushing services in the Missoula, MT area.